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Kidney stones medical concept as a human organ with painful crystaline mineral formations as a medical symbol with a cross section as a 3D illustration style.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones (also called renal calculi, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis) are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys.
Diet, excess body weight, some medical conditions, and certain supplements and medications are among the many causes of kidney stones.
A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your urinary system. The urinary system includes kidneys, ureters, bladder and the urethra.
Most infections involve the lower urinary tract — the bladder and the urethra. Women are at greater risk of developing a UTI than are men.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) — also called prostate gland enlargement — is a common condition as men get older. An enlarged prostate gland can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder. It can also cause bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems.
Urological Cancers include various types of cancers including Kidney cancer, Prostate cancer, Bladder cancer
Diagnosis, Treatment, Therapy or Surgery may depend completely based on detection, type and stage of disease.
Genital Surgery are of many types – Varicocele Surgery, Hydrocele Surgery, Peyronie’s Disease, PHIMOSIS
A stricture restricts the flow of urine from the bladder and can cause a variety of medical problems in the urinary tract, including inflammation or infection.
Nearly 1 in 7 couples is infertile, which means they haven’t been able to conceive a child even though they’ve had frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer.
In up to half of these couples, male infertility plays at least a partial role.
Andrology is a medical specialty which deals with the male reproductive system and urological problems found only in men.
Andrology is the direct equivalent of gynaecology, but unlike gynaecology, it is not widely recognised as its own distinct speciality. Andrology has been studied only since the late end of the 1960s.
Many of our doctors specialize in areas such as incontinence, urinary tract infections, voiding dysfunction, surgery for vaginal and pelvic prolapse, and minimally invasive surgery techniques.
Our urological specialists treat a variety of conditions that affect a woman’s pelvic region.
Urodynamic testing is any procedure that looks at how well the bladder, sphinchters, and urethra are storing and releasing urine.
Most urodynamic tests focus on the bladders ability to hold urine and empty steadily and completely.
A vascular access is a hemodialysis patient’s lifeline, because it makes life-saving hemodialysis treatments possible.
Hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that uses a machine to send the patient’s blood through a filter, called a dialyzer, outside the body.
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